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Porn has been around since cameras were invented, so the availability of Indian vintage videos is no surprise. There was demand for them in the US and Europe as guys wanted to see something different and a girl from India masturbating or having sex certainly qualified. Some chicks moved to the United States and joined the porn business by fucking on film with some of the stars of the day and making interracial scenes that captured the hearts and cocks of men around the world.

There’s a bit of Indian vintage of the homemade variety too as select couples bought cameras and put in the effort to actually film something. It’s hot to watch a sweet vintage wife suck her husband’s cock and get fucked or enjoy a threesome with two guys because being shared is fun. Even porn from the early 1990s can be considered vintage these days, and by that point there were plenty of famous Indian girls getting fucked on camera for a living and doing a tremendous job of it. Their beauty is now yours to masturbate to in these amazing videos.

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