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For relaxation nothing beats a good rubdown, but those hands moving all over the body can also be highly arousing, a notion that’s responsible for many incredible sex movies. There are two varieties of Indian massage porn and both are highly arousing. In the first a guy lies on the table as a girl from India rubs oil into her hands and then over his body, using her skilled touch to leave him completely and utterly aroused and eager for more. That inevitably leads to the happy ending where she takes hold of his cock and jerks him off to an orgasm.

There’s also Indian massage porn where the guy gives the rubdown as a beautiful girl lies on the table and relaxes to the feel of his hands all over her body. He’s not shy about rubbing her naughty spots either as he plays with her pussy lips, rubs her asshole, and eventually works his fingers inside her. Her breasts get a sexy massage too and most of the time she needs to finish it off with a good hardcore fucking from him, which he’s more than happy to give her.

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