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Those of you that dream of your wives and girlfriends fucking other dudes will enjoy these Indian cuckold stories. It’s a thriving niche with a wealth of incredible content that details the lusty fantasies and sometimes true stories of men giving their significant others permission to pursue passionate sex and mind blowing orgasms with other guys. They sit at home when their ladies are on dates and masturbate, playing with their dicks and imagining what their women are doing with big cocks plunging into them and making them scream in pleasure.

Some guys in the Indian cuckold stories are lucky enough to witness the action firsthand. They get to sit in the bedroom and watch as their wife lies on her back and spreads her legs for another man so that he may penetrate her in the most satisfying way possible. The cuckold watches and masturbates, enjoying her orgasms and getting off on it. The naughtiest of men that indulge in the cuck fantasy want to see the guy dump his load inside the wife pussy and be made to lick it out, to clean up the creampie.

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